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WWII NAZI GERMAN CASED GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD 1941 Deutsches Kreuz in Gold mit Etui
Item #: MCJ68
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Five piece, slightly convexed, die struck, tombac and alloy construction badge with black and red enamel work. The cross features a double, overlaid, eight point, sunburst pattern. The center of the sunburst pattern has a separate, silver plated, circular panel with a raised, canted, black enameled swastika encompassed by an embossed, fire gilted, circular, stamped alloy, laurel leaf wreath with the impressed introduction date, "1941", to the bottom center, seated on a red enamel base. The red enamel base is visible as a fine outline to either side of the wreath. The solid reverse features four, small, hollow, dome headed retaining rivets, a soldered barrel type hinge on a rounded corner rectangular base plate inset in a rounded corner rectangular recess, a heavy, broad, tapered, vertical pin and a heavy soldered catch on an oval base plate inset into an oval recess all intact. The reverse of the pin is well marked with the impressed manufacturers numerical code, "20", indicating manufacture by C. F. Zimmerman of Pforzheim. The cross comes housed in its original cardboard and wood construction presentation case with a simulated, grained, black leather cover. The top lid of the case has a fine gold stripe running horizontal along all the sides just below the top edge indicating the class of the cross enclosed. The fold back top lid has dual, magnetic staggered internal bar hinges to the reverse and a magnetic spring loaded closure button to the obverse. Both the hinge and the closure button still function. The interior of the top lid is lined in white satin while the interior bottom of the case has a black flock lining with a vertical cut-out to secure the hinge, pin and catch assembly of the badge. Super nice, clean, untouched condition!
The War Order of the German Cross was introduced by Adolf Hitler on September 28TH 1941 in two classes of Gold and Silver. The Gold class cross was awarded to military personnel for exceptional acts of bravery or achievement in combat while the Silver class was awarded for distinguished acts of service in the war effort. Criteria for bestowal of either cross included that the recipient must first have been awarded the 1939 Iron Cross 1ST class or the 1939 Bar to the 1914 Iron Cross 1ST class. On introduction of the award a cloth version was also authorized for wear with the color of the base material indicating which branch of service the cross was awarded to with a field-grey base for award to Heer and Waffen-SS personnel, a black base for Panzer personnel, a blue/grey base for Luftwaffe personnel and a navy blue base for Kriegsmarine personnel.
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