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WWII Nazi German Bahnschutzepolitzei Officer's SLEEVE Eagle Ärmelhoheitsabzeichen
Item #: VF4909
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A machine woven eagle worn by "Bahnschutzpolizei" (Railway-protection-police) officers, from "Oberzügführer" to "Stabsführer," on the upper left arm of their jackets and tunics. The spread-winged eagle, in silver-gray threads on a blue-gray wool background, faces to its right and clutches a wreathed, mobile swastika in its talons. Overall excellent unissued condition.
The Bahnschutzepolizei, (Railway Protection Police), were established, by the RBD in 1933 with volunteers from the SA and SS, to protect the railway network. Originally they wore a navy blue uniform, but this was eventually changed to blue/grey circa 1941.
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