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WW1 Imperial German 2nd Battalion 7TH Company Bayonet Troddel Seitengewehr Troddel
Item #: VF4835
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A very nice example of an EM’s troddel for the 2nd Battalion, 7th Company. The 35cm long strap shows minimal wear with the tassel showing minimal wear.
Bayonet knots were originally introduced in the Prussian army in 1808, and continued to be worn with the Dress uniform, as a tradition and identifying item through WWI, the Weimar Republic and on into the Third Reich, with minor modifications. For enlisted personnel the main components of, strap, slide, stem, crown, and ball were woven or pleated cotton in different colors representing which unit within a regiment the wearer served. The basic regiment consisted of three Battalions with a Headquarters unit and four Companies each, with two additional Regimental or Headquarters Companies. This resulted in a colorful array of bayonet knots within a regiment with twelve or more assorted color combinations. NCO personnel wore a different type of bayonet knot, that did not show association with a particular unit, but indicated position.