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WWII Nazi German Wehrmacht Flak Artillery Badge 1941 Heeres-Flakabzeichen
Item #: VF4729
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A Wehrmacht Heer (Army) "Heeres Flak Abzeichen”; oval silvered zink oak wreath consisting of eight oak leaves and multiple acorns, a national eagle on the top of the badge clutching a swastika, and a Flak 88 facing towards the top right, with the barrel extending past the badge; the reverse plain, with a vertical needle style pin, a barrel hinge, and a flat wire catch. Unmarked in overall near very fine condition.
The German Army Flak, (Anti-aircraft Artillery), Badge was instituted by Generalfeldmarschall Walther von Brauchitsch, on July 18TH 1941, for bestowal to army anti-aircraft battery crews, with the award of the badge based on a point structure basis. Of Note: Although Hermann Göring’s Luftwaffe was the ultimate authority of all things concerned with flight including anti-aircraft defense most division within the German army had a subordinate Flak battalion that usually contained three 88mm caliber batteries and an additional two 20mm caliber batteries to provide internal air defense.

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