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Original Gau Baden Honor Badge in 800 Silver by FR. KLETT KARLSRUHE
Item #: VF4715
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The  oval-shaped NSDAP badge with decorative outer oakleaves border, and scroll bearing black enamel 'GAU BADEN' to the base. Central eagle & swastika motif. Reverese with vertical needle pin construction. Impressed manufacturer name, 'Fr. Klett Karlsruhe'. Manufactured in Tombak with a silver finish also marked 800.
This badge came in two classes, gold and silver both comprise of an oval wreath that measures 46mm by 35mm. The wreath has a plain panel at the base with square ends that measures 22mm. On to this is impressed, in large capital letters, 'GAU BADEN'. The letters are infilled with black paint. From the panel on either side, are six sprigs of two oak leaves that form the wreath meeting to tip to tip at the apex. The width of the wreath measures 6mm, the center has an early political eagle with its wings just superimposed over the oak leaf wreath. The oak leaf wreath held in the eagle's claws just touches the inside of the name panel. The wreath has ribbon ties at 9, 12, 3 and 6 o’clock respectively. Each of the quarters formed has three bunches of oak leaves. The central field is slightly convexed and lightly pebbled and on to this is superimposed a swastika with the upper tip of each arm being clipped.
The reverse of the badge is flat and plain, with a small hinge at the top and a hook that resembles half of a safety-pin. It has a fine needle pin. Stamped in two lines in small capital letters is the manufacturer's name, 'FR. KLETT, KARLSRUHE'. The award was to be worn on the left breast pocket. The badges were instituted in 1933 by the Gauleiter of Gau Baden, Robert Wagner, to commemorative the tenth anniversary of the NSDAP in Baden. The Gold award was for those members who had joined the party from 1923 to 1925 and the Silver was for those members from 1926 until 27 October 1929. They must have been resident in the Baden region with an unbroken membership in the NSDAP.
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