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SA Military Defense/Team Sports Armband SA -Wehrmannschaften Armelbinde
Item #: RK9
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The approximately 10cm x 44cm red cotton armband has a 9cm diameter white field sewn to it, upon which is the SA sports badge machine woven in copper-colored threads. The SA sports badge is in the form of an upright short sword against a mobile swastika surrounded by an oak leaf wreath. 
The "SA -Wehrmannschaft" (SA -Military-defense-training-groups) were formed in January 1939 as a response to Hitler's decree for the SA to provide pre- and post-military defense training to all civilian males aged from 18 to 65 years old. Effectively a Home Guard comprised of those deemed unfit for regular military service due to age or partial infirmity, they wore a distinctive armband which incorporated the "SA -Wehrabzeichen" (SA Sports-badge) which, after July 1942, was restricted to wear on civilian clothing.
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