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Allgemeine & Waffen SS -
WWII Nazi German BeVo Waffen SS Polizei Division EM/NCO'S Cufftitle Ärmelstreiffen
Item #: VF4634
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BeVo woven black rayon cufftitle with woven SS runes and Latin script, "SS-Polizei-Division", in silvery/gray threads. Cufftitle is bordered at top and bottom edges in vertical stitched silvery/gray thread. Salt and pepper patterned reverse. Folded over and stitched ends, with woven script to one end, "Bevo-Wuppertal". The full length cufftitle has the typical "salt & pepper" pattern reverse and folded over, machine stitched, ends. One of the folded over ends has the machine woven, manufacturer's trade name, "Bevo-Wuppertal", also in silvery/gray threads indicating manufacture by Bandfabrik Ewald Vorsteher in Wuppertal. 
Originally formed as the Polizei-Division in September 1939, with personnel drawn mainly from the Ordungspolizei, it wasn’t considered a true SS Division until February 1942, after proving itself in combat, that it was accepted as a full SS Division and given the designation, "SS-Polizei-Division". In April 1942 personnel were authorized a cufftitle with the standard police emblem of a national eagle encompassed by an oak-leaf wreath. In December 1942 the second pattern cufftitle was introduced with the RZM style machine embroidered script, "SS-Polizei-Division, and in early 1943 this pattern began to be produced in the BeVo machine woven style.