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WWII Nazi German Wehrmacht Afrikakorps Cufftitle Afrikakorps Ärmelstreiffen
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Machine woven cufftitle features a horizontal, dark green, cotton center stripe with diagonally ribbed, horizontal, bright silver/aluminum flat-wire edge trim and narrow, horizontal, tan rayon borders to both the top and bottom edges. The dark green center stripe features machine woven, block, Latin script, "Afrikakorps", in bright silver/aluminum flat-wire threads. Super nice example that has been removed from the tunic! 
The Afrikakorps cufftitle was officially introduced on July 18th, 1941, for wear by members of the, DAK, Deutsches Afrikakorps, (German Africa Corps), the German expeditionary force sent to assist the Italians in their disastrous North African campaign. On November 4th, 1941 regulations dictated that issue of the Afrikakorps cufftitle was to be extended to include the "Afrika" armoured group. Wear of the cufftitle was permitted when personnel were on furlough in Europe but when they transferred out of the North African theater the cufftitle was to be removed. Of Note: With the introduction of the "Afrika" campaign cufftitle on January 15th, 1943, the Afrikakorps cufftitle was ordered removed. Although the Afrika cufftitle was a campaign cufftitle most personnel who had worn the Afrikakorps cufftitle would have been eligible for the Afrika cufftitle.
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