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WWII Nazi German III SS T.V. Canteen Table Fork
Item #: VF4453
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WWII German SS Canteen Table Fork (Schutzstaffel Kantinenbesteck Kuchengabel), marked with the identifier of the infamous unit that ran the concentration camps, the Totenkopf Verbände (Skull or Death’s Head Units - T.V.). This unit was subsumed into the Armed SS in 1940, after performing poorly in the invasion of France, becoming the Third SS Division (Totenkopf). This is for the third regiment of the SS T.V. Used with minor scuff marks, and wear damage. Made of Stainless Steel. Handle base is stamped III. SS T.V. on the front. On the back is a small logo of two stick figures, arm in arm, with NICHT ROSTEND (Stainless). Fork is 201mm (7.91 in) long.
Shipping Weight: 0.6 lb
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