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WWII US Army Photographer Badge & Shoulder Patch
Item #: VF4362
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Beautiful, WWII US Army photographer badge & shoulder patch. Badge measures roughly 2 3/8 and is made of stamped brass with a nickel plating. The badge is very ornate five pointed star background on the center section while the upper and lower portions have a circular pattern. I've never seen this badge before so I am winging it on the price. Also included is a standard shoulder sleeve patch. One thing I know, this badge is 100% original and to the period. Photographers were attached, not assigned, to units and were identified by an arm or shoulder patch and other insignia. Military photographers were usually enlisted men, with the same training and uniforms as other soldiers. The Corps coordinated communication for air, ground, and naval units during the war, providing technology, services, and personnel. In addition to its primary role in military transmissions, the unit produced training films for army and civilian personnel and documented the war.
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