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WWII Nazi German Wehrmacht Mountain Troops / Medical Canteen & Cup Feld/Labeflasche und Trinkbecher
Item #: FRJ149
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Bakelite cup with canvas harness. Maker marked "CFL 42". All straps, buckles and snaps are complete.
Although the .8 liter capacity, M31 canteens were the standard issue canteen, mountain troops and medical personnel were issued a larger, one to two liter capacity canteen that was based on the larger canteens used by their WWI counterparts. These larger mountain troops/medical canteens were of identical design to the standard M31 canteens but with a different carrying harness and shoulder strap assembly. Interestingly although this example is the larger capacity canteen it doesn’t have the typical mountain troops/medical canteens carrying harness and shoulder strap assembly but rather the standard M31 canteen style carrying harness.
Shipping Weight: 1.5 lbs
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