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WWII Nazi 1944 SVB State Shooting Association Meisterschuetz Award Standschützenverband Abzeichen
Item #: VF4320
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Roughly 2 1/2" diameter, one piece die struck metal zinc alloy award with a circular outer border with an oak-leaf wreath encompassing a raised, stylized, Tyrolean eagle, with laurel leaves flanking its head. Eagle is clutching a target with canted swastika. Target is flanked by embossed, date "1944" with embossed script to bottom, "Meisterschuetz". Reverse has a soldered pin back device is intact. Unmarked example but serial numbered 1824. Attractive badge.
The DSVB, Deutscher Standschützenverband, (German State Shooting Association), was originally a loosely associated group of non-political, civilian organizations consisting of voluntary members with an interest in competitive marksmanship. The DSVB held numerous marksman competitions through-out Germany with assorted badges, trophies, and plaques awarded as prizes to the successful participants. Although the DSVB remained a voluntary civilian organization not affiliated with any political party or the military, as with other civilian organizations during the Third Reich, it fell under the influence of the NSDAP which intervened in their activities and enforced strict regulations in an attempt enact gun controls favorable to their ideals. One of the enforced regulations was the registration of all members into the NSDAP supervised DSVB. Other regulations included newly introduced uniforms for the membership and the adoption of the swastika on many of its marksman awards.
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