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WWII Nazi German 2nd Pattern Penal Administration Official Officer's Belt Buckle Koppelschloß
Item #: VF4288
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Roughly 50mm diameter, die struck, alloy construction, second pattern, (Circa 1937-1945), Penal Administration Official’s belt buckle with a gold gilted finish, features a high relief, embossed, Third Reich style, right facing, (viewer’s left), eagle with out-stretched wings, clutching a wreathed, canted, swastika in it’s talons, to the domed, smooth finished, center, encompassed by an embossed, circular, laurel leaf wreath. The interior edge of the laurel leaf wreath has fine, serrated line, border. Maker marked to Assmann and dated 1937.
As to be expected after Hitler and the NSDAP’s, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, (National Socialist German Worker’s Party), rise to power in January 1933 all aspects of the civil service sector came under the new government’s control including the Justizamtbeamte, (Justice Department Officials), the Strafanstaltbeamte, (Penal Establishment Officials) and the Staatforstamtbeamte, (State Forestry Service Officials). In 1933 and 1934 new uniforms and accoutrements items, including belt buckles, were introduced for all three of these organizations which resulted in a confusing overlap in the styles of belt buckles worn. In November 1933 a new belt buckle was proposed for wear by Prussian State Forestry Officials and the buckle was officially instituted on January 30TH 1934, followed in September 1934 with new belt buckles for wear by Justice and Penal Officials. All three of these new belt buckles were identical in design, utilizing the 1933 pattern State of Prussia’s coat-of-arms eagle, with the only difference being the coloration, with a burnished bronze finish for service wear and a gilt finish for dress wear for Prussian State Forestry Officials, a silver finished buckle for Justice Officials and a gilt finished buckle for Penal Officials. As a result of this confusing overlap in belt buckles new belt buckles utilizing the new, Third Reich style national eagle were introduced on July 2ND 1937 for wear by Justice and Penal Officials with the Justice Official’s buckles retaining their silver finish and the Penal Official’s buckles retaining their gilt finish. Of Note: In 1938 the assorted State Forestry Service Officials were consolidated into the Reichsforstamt, (National Forestry Department), and a new belt buckle was introduced for all Forestry Officials on April 22ND 1938, which was slightly different then the second pattern buckles utilized by the Justice and Penal Officials. Of Note: Both the standard, first and second pattern belt buckles for Justice and Penal Officials were roughly, 4.7cm, (1 7/8"), diameter.
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