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M1845 Imperial German Württemberg NCO Belt Buckle Koppelschloß
Item #: VF4268
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Model 1845 Mannschaft (Other Ranks) belt buckle was used from the period 1845 to 1895. The buckle is stamped brass with a center white nickle metal Württemberg Wappen (crest) and "FURCHTLOS UND TREW" (Fearless and Loyal/Trustworthy/Faithful/) in old German.
Originally the box buckles came in a 50mm, (roughly 2 inches), width until 1895 when the width was reduced to 45mm, (roughly 1 3/4 inches), in an attempt to lighten the weight load of the field gear. Initially the buckles were produced of brass with a nickel/silver face plate until 1914 when steel construction buckles were introduced.
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