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WWII German Luftwaffe Tropical Service Blouse for "Other Ranks" Signal Personnel
Item #: VF4264
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WWII German Luftwaffe Tropical Service Blouse for "Other Ranks" Signal Personnel-This is produced in tropical tan heavy duty cloth. There are four pockets with straight flaps. The breast pockets are pleated and the lower pockets are plain. There is a six button closure and all buttons are pebbled brown painted aluminum. There are adjustable cuffs and a lay down collar. The shoulder straps are a slip on type. They are produced in tan cloth with burnt orange piping for signal personnel. The breast eagle is machine embroidered in silvery gray cloth over tan cloth and has been machine applied. The interior is unlined. There are no interior pockets. There are ink stamps on the left side with size and production info "ALMI Luxemburg" with a 38 inch chest.
In late 1940, with the impending German entrance into the North African campaign, the army quickly developed and issued tropical uniforms and equipment in time for DAK, Deutsches Afrika Korps, (German Africa Corps), personnel’s arrival in Tripoli in February 1941. At the same time the Luftwaffe also developed and introduced their own version of the tropical uniform and equipment independently from the other branches of service. Originally the tropical uniforms were only intended for wear in North Africa but that was later expanded to include personnel serving in southern areas of continental Europe during the summer months, (May 1ST to September 30TH). The design of the tropical uniform was based on the standard continental uniform but in a different color and material. The Luftwaffe tropical uniform remained basically unchanged for the duration of the war with minor modifications. Officer and certain senior NCO ranks were responsible for purchasing their own uniforms and as a result were allotted a clothing allowance through the Luftwaffe’s Verkaufsabteilung, (Air-Force Sales Department), system. The Officers and certain senior NCO’s could choose to purchase their uniforms from the armed forces clothing depots or to privately purchase uniform items of higher quality. Although enlisted personnel were issued their uniforms from government supplies they were also permitted to purchase privately tailored uniforms although the price may have been restrictive.