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Hitler Youth -
WWII Nazi German Hitler Youth Building / Wall Banner HJ Fahne
Item #: JJ54
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Multi-piece cotton construction flag, to either side of whose red field is sewn a central, horizontal white band against the center of which, to each side, are sewn approximately square white diamonds with a printed black mobile swastika. There are multiple brass rings for hanging the flag that are present to the top edge. The flag shows very minor staining to the overall fabric. Flag measurers roughly 20 feet in length and is maker marked and dated 1939.
The forerunner of the HJ, the Jungsturm Adolf Hitler, were presented with their first official flag at a NSDAP rally in Munich in January 1923. This first flag was confiscated by the Munich police after street fighting in the city shortly afterwards. In August 1929 the first official HJ flag was introduced at the NSDAP national rally in Nürnberg. This first official flag, designated "Gaufeldzeichen", was to be the forerunner of the HJ Bann flags. In October 1933 the HJ organizational flag, based on the pattern of the HJ armband, was introduced and remained in use for the duration of the Third Reich.