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WWII Iconic Holocaust Jude Star of David Veteran Bring Back
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If there's something truly iconic related the Holocaust and ghettos, that's the star of David. Along with the blue/white striped uniforms, the barbed wire and the Zyklon B, this item is the most  wanted by collectors and museums. These yellow stars were the shaped cloth patches Nazis obligued the Jews to wear sewn to their cloths so that everybody could know they were Jews, the "enemy" Nazis tried ruthlessly and mercilessly to exterminate until 1945. Nazis determined that Stars should be yellow and they must have the word "Jude" written inside it. Then other stars were created depending on the country the Jews were from: Belgium "J", Holland "Jood", France "Juif", Poland and Germany "Jude", Croatia "Zidov", Slowakia "HZ", etc. Having a star like this is having a piece of our history. A symbol of the suffering of a country without a land who had to bear its systematic extermination and persecution. Quite a few items do the talking so clearly only with a picture. These stars were sewn normally to a piece of thick cloth so that it could be then sewn and unsewn to different garments. Other people preferred to sew it around the edges and the black lines that conform the star without a thick piece of cloth below. Many set-ups have been seen in many period pictures indeed. This star is a 100% genuine non issued one, in mint condition, with the official yellow color and the official letter type for "Jude" word. They are made fine cotton thread and cut off from big sheets of stars. Many of these were manufactured in Ghettos like Litzmannstadt (Lodz) or Warsaw or in KL's where workshops were operative, by same Jews that were obligued to wear them. In this case, this particular star was brought back by a local veteran along with oher Waffen SS cloth insignia.
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