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WWII Nazi German Defense Economy Leader Badge & Stickpin Wehrwirtschaftsführer Abzeichen
Item #: VF4224
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This badge was instituted in 1939 and awarded to industrialists who made important contributions towards the war effort with some notable awardees being aircraft designer Claude Dornier, aircraft designer Kurt Tank, arms manufacturer Alfred Krupp, aircraft manufacturer Ernst Heinkel, Fritz Walther, designer of the PPK, etc.  In 1938, Goring set up a Council for Defense Economy.  Its members were chosen from the leading industrialists in Germany with each member having the title "Defence Economy Leader”.  The Council had the responsibility of preparing and carrying out mobilization of the armaments industry and directing it in time of war and each industrialist had to submit a "declaration of political attitude” where he pledged loyalty to the state.  The badge was instituted in March 1939 to recognize the members of the Council and to single out industrial leaders above middle management level who contributed significantly to the furtherance of industrial management.  Recommendation for the award had to come from the Kreis in which the proposed recipient worked and had to be approved by the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht.  It is not known how many were awarded but it is believed to be very few. This example is fire gilded aluminum and in MINT condition. The stickpin consists of a half a wreath capped by the open wings of an eagle. The head of the eagle is facing to the left. It is clutching a wreath with a swastika placed in the center. Horizontal columns extend from the left and right of the swastika and touch the outer wreath also in excellent condition.