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WWII Luftwaffe Wireless Operator's Air Gunner's Badge B&N L Fliegerschützenabzeichen für Bordfunker
Item #: VF4210
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Die struck zinc alloy construction badge with silver wash. The badge is in the form of a nicely convexed, vertically oval wreath with laurel leaves to the left side and oak-leaves to the right side with a swastika superimposed to the bottom center. Mounted on the wreath is a highly vaunted, stylized eagle in flight clutching dual lightening bolts in its talons. The eagle is secured to the wreath by two small dome headed rivets which are visible on the reverse. The eagles wing tips extend just beyond the outer edge of the wreath. The badge shows nice quality detailing including a cut-out to the top arm of the swastika and additional cut-outs to the lightening bolts.  Complete with original hinge, pin and catch assembly (restored). The reverse of the eagle is well marked with the impressed manufacturers initials, "B&N L", indicating manufacture by Berg & Nolte of Lüdenscheid".
The Wireless Operator’s/Air Gunner’s qualification badge was introduced by Hermann Göring on March 26TH 1936 for award to radio operators, air gunners and mechanics who had met the required criteria. The Wireless Operator’s/Air Gunner’s badge was awarded on an individual basis and the main criteria for bestowal of the award was the completion of five operational flights over enemy territory or a minimum of two months active service. As with other flyer’s specialty badges a cloth version of the Wireless Operator’s/Air Gunner’s Badge was authorized for wear on the flight blouse with a machine embroidered pattern for EM/NCO’s and a hand embroidered pattern for Officer’s. Of Note: After the introduction of the Air Gunner’s badge on June 22ND 1942, the Wireless Operator’s/Air Gunner’s badge was re-designated Bordfunkerabzeichen, (Wireless Operator’s Badge), and was bestowed exclusively to Wireless Operators.
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