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WWII Nazi German Wehrmacht Mountain Trooper's Snow Goggles Gebirgsjäger Schnee Schutzbrille
Item #: FRJ113
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Tooled and stamped, natural aluminum and tan leather construction snow goggles feature horizontally oval frames and "lenses" with handstitched on, tan leather eye sockets and a horizontal, elastic, nose bridge. The goggles "lenses" consist of a small, cut-out, vertical, slash near the nose bridge a central, horizontal, cut-out, slash flanked by two, diagonally angled, cut-out, slashes. The tan leather eye sockets have an internal padding and are fully intact. Both the top and bottom edges of the frames have dual, "U" shaped ventilation cut-outs. The goggles have an off-white, horizontally ribbed, elastic headband handstitched to each side with a sliding, alloy, fit adjustment buckle and an alloy, retaining clip.
The German armed forces utilized a wide variety of protective, special duty and general glasses and goggles for assorted personnel including specialized goggles for Mountain Troops, Motorcyclists, Observer’s night vision goggles and additional protective sun, snow and dust goggles. Although some of the goggles were designed with a specific purpose in mind the armed forces also issued various general purpose goggles with interchangeable lenses for use by all personnel as required. During WWII the German army fielded nine Mountain Divisions with an additional six Waffen-SS Mountain Divisions. Generally speaking the Mountain Divisions were specially trained and equipped Infantry Divisions. Due to the nature of the terrain and the commonly colder climate that the Mountain Divisions were expected to serve in, special clothing, footwear and equipment was developed specifically for their use. Primarily the special equipment developed for the Mountain personnel consisted of winter warfare and mountain climbing related items, and included, skis, ski accessories, crampons, pitons, ice pick axes, snowshoes, rucksacks, and assorted goggles including snow goggles to reduce glare and prevent snow "blindness". The unique design of the snow goggles was borrowed from an ancient form of goggles utilized by assorted northern peoples.
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