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WWII Nazi German Waffen SS Mountain Troop's Cap Edelweiss SS Mützen Edelweiss für Gebirgsjäger
Item #: FRJ90
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The machine embroidered rayon construction Edelweiss features fourteen, silver/gray petals, a seven bulb, yellow stamen and dual, silver/grey leaves and stem mounted on a cut-out, black wool base. The insignia is roughly, 70mm tall and 50mm wide, at it’s widest point and has been removed from the cap.
During WWII the German army fielded nine Mountain Divisions with an additional six Waffen-SS, (Armed-SS), Mountain Divisions. Generally speaking the Mountain Divisions were specially trained and equipped Infantry Divisions. On October 1ST 1943 Waffen-SS personnel serving with Mountain troop units were authorized wear of the traditional Edelweiss as an identifying insignia. The Edelweiss insignia was issued in two forms with one designed for wear on the left side of the Bergmütze, (Mountain cap), and another design for wear on the upper right sleeve of the greatcoat and tunic. The design of these badges closely followed the pattern of the earlier introduced, (May 2ND 1939), army Edelweiss badges, however the SS cap Edelweiss was only produced in a cloth version as opposed to the metal version utilized by the army.
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