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US Federal Issue Model 1855 .58 CAL. Bayonet With Scabbard Near MINT!
Item #: VF393
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Original US Model 1855 socket bayonet in its original black bridle buff leather scabbard with its original buff frog. This socket bayonet was made for the .58 caliber rifle / muskets and saw service from 1855 through the end of the Civil War. This bayonet is an U.S. marked 18 inch long and 11/16 inch wide blade that tapers to a point. Socket is 3" long with a bore diameter of 5/8". Bayonet is still in the white with gray areas. The matching black bridle leather scabbard, with its black-dyed buff leather frog has eight copper rivets, a tapered brass tip and is in excellent original condition. Scabbard body is in excellent condition. Stitching is strong and tight. Near Mint
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
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