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WWII Nazi German 1932 Heimeröffnung Adalbert Schwarz Tinnie
Item #: VF4042
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The first victim of the National Socialist movement was a former Austrian and SA man Adalbert Schwarz, a twenty-four year-old locksmith and zealous fighter for Nazism. When he and his brother left a concert in Vienna on August 2, 1930, he was attacked by Marxists and killed by two knife wounds. After the unification of Austria was renamed Ostmark, a street was renamed Adalbert Schwarz alley was in Vienna in honor of the fallen Martyr. This exquisite badge / tinnie measures two inches tall. Made of burnished brass and is maker marked to the reverse SCHANES WIEN. This is the most attractive tinnie I have ever owned. In this listing, you will see a black and white photo of Adalbert and is brother in the front row marching in the SA group of which he was a member of.