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Nazi German 1931 SA Treffen Braunschweig Badge Abzeichen des SA Treffens Braunschweig 1931
Item #: VF3967
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The 1931 SA Braunschweig Treffen badge was originally designed as a day badge sold at the actual event. Hitler audaciously brought a larger contingent of SA to the event than was anticipated and dominated the event. As a commemoration, the badge was elevated to a 'traditions' award after 1933 and was allowed to be worn by those having taken part. This is a stellar example of the RZM solid version. The details are superb, with clearly defined oakleaf border, early NSDAP eagle, and crisp lettering. The finish looks as super as it did 70+ years ago. Still bears the original pin and catch. Below this is the RZM logo and code 1/17 which indicates F.W. Assmann & Sohne
As with most rallies and events of the period the SA rally hosted by SA-Gruppe Nord at Brunswick on October 17TH and 18TH 1931, issued a badge to commemorate the event. These badges were typical of the period and were normally cheaply made and only worn during the event. On November 6TH 1936 Hitler elevated this rally badge to the status of an National honor award, as the third NSDAP rally badge to gain such a distinction. After the badge’s elevation to National status it was manufactured again with slight variations to the original rally badges.
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