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WWII Nazi German Wehrmacht Demjansk Shield & Issue Document In Near Mint Condition.
Item #: JT465
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Beautiful condition Demjansk shield with issue document issued to Staff Sergeant Willi Schwefer of the 11th Grenadier Company of the 96th Regiment. Shield was awarded by General Brockdorff-Anlefeldt. Both document and shield are in excellent condition. Both these items came directly from a veteran's estate. Shield still retains the original paper backing.

Demjansk Shield (German: Ärmelschild Demjansk) is a German military award instituted on April 25, 1943 to commemorate troops who fought in the Demyansk pocket. Requirements for Heer and auxiliary units included honorable service in the besieged area for 60 days or wound or frost-bite in the besieged area, for Luftwaffe — 50 combat or supply missions over the besieged and surrounding area. The shield was die struck and produced in silver washed zinc and later in plain zinc. Two variations of the aircraft's propeller under the swords exist, as some shields show it curved while others show it straight.

The shield was authorized by Adolf Hitler and was to be worn on the upper sleeve of the left shoulder of uniform. For civil clothes the version of a pin-like shield has been stipulated. The award ceased to be presented on April 1 or July 4, 1944. Each recipient was entitled to five copies of the shield, and in case of death, a single shield and an entitlement certificate was presented to the next of kin. It's estimated that over 100,000 Demjansk shields were presented.

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