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Luftwaffe -
WWII Nazi German War Correspondent Kriegsberichter der Luftwaffe Cuff Title
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This band was introduced on 20th November 1940 and was presented to those members in the Luftwaffe that were part of the Luftwaffe propagande units. Cuff title is full length and without damage
During the First World War the Allies on the Western Front were so much more successful and organised at Propaganda than the Germans. So in 1938 Adolf Hitler ordered a new and efficient special unit in the German Army focused solely on propaganda. The first four Propaganda-Kompanien in the Wehrmacht were formed in September 1938 with the same sort of Propaganda-Kompanien established in the Luftwaffe and the Kriegsmarine the following year.

Their role was to;

Report on the war through text, photographs, drawings, radio and films;
Entertain the troops;
Propaganda against the enemy;
Counter propaganda against the enemy propaganda; and
Misleading information to cover up military operations.

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