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WWII Nazi German Waffen SS Dot Pattern Camouflage / White Reversible Hood Tarnungs Kopfhaube
Item #: VF3871
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Waterproofed, cotton/rayon blend construction reversible winter hood with the machine roller printed, "Dot" repeating splotch, camouflage pattern to one side in shades of tans, browns and greens, reversible to white, with an internal ersatz padding. The hood is cut in eight panels with five panels for the actual hood and an additional three panels for the neck and shoulder cowling. Each side of the hood has an elongated, vertically oval ear panel which reveals the internal ersatz padding. The ear panels were designed to retain warmth while still allowing the wearer to hear. The hood has an extended section to the left front panel, with five, vertical, tapering darts, a small, vertical, slash and two, shortened, dark gray rayon tie tape with an HBT, (Herring Bone Twill), weave. The right front panel also has an extended section with four, vertical, tapering darts. The tie tapes were designed to go around the wearer’s neck and tie in the front center for a secure closure. The small vertical slash to the left front panel was designed to accommodate the tie tape allowing the hood to be worn with either the camouflage or the white side to the exterior. The bottom edge of the hood has an extended three panel, neck and shoulder cowl. The hood and cowl were designed to be snugly form fitting, and retain the maximum amount of warmth. Nice, untouched, clean example size marked 55.
The development of SS camouflage items was initiated by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler in 1935 when he tasked the Reichsführung-SS, (National Leadership of the SS), to begin research of new camouflage patterns and garments for use by the fledgling SS-VT, SS-Verfugüngstruppe, (SS-Special Purpose Troops). In late 1936 and early 1937 the first SS camouflage garments were issued to personnel of the SS-VT Standarte Deutschland for field testing and evaluation. The first items evaluated were the Quarter shelters/ponchos, followed by steel helmet covers, face masks and smocks. As the war continued various other clothing items were produced in the assorted camouflage patterns. Originally the camouflage patterns were all produced in the time consuming manual screen printing until the development of the machine roller printing in 1940. By the end of the war no fewer then ten assorted camouflage patterns had been developed and used by the SS. After the devastating winter of 1941/42 on the Russian front the army’s OKH, Oberkommando des Heeres, (High Command of the Army), saw the need for heavier winter clothing and testing began in the spring of 1942 to develop suitable garments. In April 1942 Hitler approved the chosen design, and the first models were issued in the autumn of that year, in the reversible blue/grey/white colorations, which was modified to camouflage pattern/white combinations in 1943. Included with these new garments were heavy, padded, reversible winter hood. The SS followed the army’s lead and new winter camouflage items were issued in October 1943.
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