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WWII Nazi German Narvik Campaign Shield Silver Grade
Item #: VF3837
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Die stamped, All 4 prongs present, without backing plate and cloth.
The Narvik Shield was issued on August 19th 1940. Adolf Hitler wanted to create a series of shields to be awarded to soldiers who participated in different battles. To this end he commissioned professor Richard Klein (Munich) to design the first of such shields; the Narvik shield. This award was given to soldiers from all branches who participated in the campaign around the Narvik region by Norway. The campaign took place between April 9th and June 9th of 1940.

The shield consisted of an elongated shield attached to a piece of wool cloth. The color of the cloth was important in determining the branch of service to which the award was given. The shield has four prongs that attach it to the section of cloth. The award was sewn to the left sleeve of the uniform.

An eagle rests atop the shield. The wings are retracted. The head is facing left. The eagle is clutching a swastika surrounded by a wreath. The word "Narvik" is written in large font just below. The center of the shield has a propeller and an anchor crossing each other. An edelweiss flower is placed just above the intersection. The date 1940 is written, where "19" is displayed to the left of the flower and "40" is written to the right.
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