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WW1 Texas Cavalry Mexico Border Patrol Service Medal In Issue Box
Item #: VF3750
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Original WW1, Texas Cavalry Service Medal with wrap brooch, bronze pendant is as follows: Obverse: Texas Bluebonnet flower in center with motto AWARDED BY CONGRESS FOR SERVICE IN/TEXAS CAVALRY. Reverse: Texas State Seal with dates SEPTEMBER 25, 1918-NOVEMBER 11, 1918. Complete with original issue box. Medal was awarded to Texas National Guard cavalrymen who were federalized for Texas/Mexico border patrol service during the war and has the distinction of being both a federal and state award.  Nice piece for any US medal or Texas National Guard collection and is in excellent condition.

The Texas Cavalry Medal was a federal service medal, approved by the United States Congress and awarded to the members of the cavalry brigades raised by the State of Texas who were not called into federal for service in 1917 and 1918, rendering the men of those two units ineligible for the World War I Victory Medal. Qualifying dates of the Texas Cavalry Service Medal were from December 8, 1917 to November 11, 1918. Only 840 medals were awarded for this time period.

The Texas Cavalry Medal was created by Congress to commemorate federal service, and is the only medal specifically for state troops awarded by the federal government. For this reason, the legislation authorizing the Texas Cavalry Medal specifically authorizes its wear on active duty United States military uniforms.

The medal was designed by Anthony de Francisci based on design and imagery criteria specified by The Equipment Branch, Quartermaster General Department of the Army. The approved design is a bronze hexagonal medal 1 18 inches (29 mm) in diameter. The obverse of the medal depicts the bluebonnet, the state flower of Texas. Inscribed around the edge are the words AWARDED • BY • CONGRESS • FOR • SERVICE; at the top of the medal and TEXAS • CAVALRY; at the bottom of the medal. The reverse of the medal bears the Coat of arms of Texas, a Lone Star encircled by a wreath, surrounded by the dates of service in 1918 when the cavalry became eligible for federal activation and the signing of the armistice to end World War I.

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