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WWII German Nazi Panzer Beret Wreath & Cockade Schutzmützen Eichenlaubkranz und Korkade
Item #: VF3408
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Early pattern, (circa 1934-1939), insignia consistsof a machine woven, black rayon base featuring a machine woven oak-leave wreathin white threads encompassing a woven, national tri-color cockade with a blackouter edge, a white roundel and a red center dot.
The distinctive black Panzer beret/crash helmet was developed along with the black Panzer wrap uniform in November 1934, and was originally the only officially sanctioned piece of headgear to be worn with that uniform. On its introduction the insignia for the beret consisted of a white oak-leaf wreath and a national tri-color cockade excluding the national eagle.Regulations of October 30TH 1935 altered the wear of the insignia on the beret to include the national eagle. In 1939 the coloration of the wreath and the national eagle were altered from white to a less visible grey. The black Panzer beret proved impractical as wear of headphones was restricted and it was also considered unattractive, and uncomfortable which made it unpopular with the troops resulting in further production be halted as per regulations of January15TH 1941, although it saw limited wear through-out the war. Of Note: This panzer beret insignia was identical to the insignia worn on the "Crusher" pattern visor cap, except for the base coloration.
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