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Cloth Insignia & Patches -
WWII Nazi German Wehrmacht Weapons Maintenance Sergeant's Trade Badge Unterwaffenmeister Abzeichen
Item #: BRJ44
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The 1940-45 pattern insignia consists of a roughly, 55mm diameter tan tropical cotton base with hand embroidered crossed rifles in golden yellow to the center. 
Trade and Specialist badges were introduced at varying times through-out the Third Reich to distinguish EM/NCO personnel who had achieved proficiency at a particular trade, specialty or function. The identifying insignia was most commonly worn on the lower right sleeve of the service or field tunic of qualified personnel holding the ranks of Schütze to Stabsfeldwebel inclusively. Some of the trades were only open to enlisted ranks while those open to NCO’s ranks were distinguished by the addition of a silver cord piping. Originally the early trade badges were worked on a blue/green badge cloth base, but in early 1940 this was altered to a field-grey wool base or the appropriate color of the uniform it was to be worn on.
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