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WWII Nazi German 1st Pattern Black Spanish Wound Badge 1936-1939
Item #: VF3211
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Die stamped, hollow backed, alloy construction WWI pattern badge. The badge has been re-stamped to add the swastika to the helmet. The badge is in the form of a vertical oval, which is more circular then the 1939 pattern badge, with an embossed profile of a M16 pattern helmet with re-stamped, soft relief, canted swastika to the center superimposed over crossed swords on a pebbled base all encompassed by an oval laurel leaf wreath. The reverse of the badge is a mirror image of the obverse. The reverse has a crimped, soldered hinge, a thin round vertical pin and a soldered catch all intact. Nice, near MINT example!
The wound badge was originally established on March 3RD 1918 by King Wilhelm II to recognize the sacrifice of those wounded during WWI. The badge was instituted in three classes with the class bestowed reflecting the number or severity of the wounds received. On May 22ND 1939 Hitler re-instituted award of the black and silver WWI pattern wound badges, with the addition of the swastika, for bestowal to German volunteers, (Condor Legion), who had participated in the Spanish Civil war. Of Note: Only one hundred eighty-two black and one silver badge were awarded to Condor Legion veterans. Also Of Note: All three classes of the wound badge were re-instituted, with a slightly modified design, replacing the WWI style helmet with the new M35 style helmet, on September 1ST 1939. 
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