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WWII US Navy SB2U-3 Vindicator Recognition ID Model
Item #: JT358
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WWII US Navy SB2U-3 Vindicator recognition model in original envelope has never been assembled and is stone mint. Card measures roughly 12X8. The black cardstock identification models were issued to the Aircraft Warning Service or AWS observers. The January 1944 issue of the Aircraft Warning Volunteer carried a full page discussion, with photos, of this program. U.S. Navy Vindicators served on the carriers Lexington, Saratoga, Ranger, and Wasp from December 1937-September 1942. Air Group Nine, destined for Essex, trained in Vindicators aboard the escort carrier Charger, but they transitioned to the Douglas SBD Dauntless before Essex joined the war. U.S. Marine Corps VMSB-131 and VMSB-241 were the only two USMC squadrons that fielded the Marine-specific SB2U-3 between March 1941 and September 1943. VMSB-241's Vindicators saw combat at the Battle of Midway in June 1942. Airmen with experience in more modern aircraft spoke disparagingly of SB2Us as "vibrators" or "wind indicators" in their latter combat assignments
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