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WWII Nazi German Eastern Peoples Decoration 1st Class Issue Case
Item #: VF2982
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This hard to find issue case is for the Eastern Peoples 1st Class medal. Measures 70mm square, 22mm thick, wood and pressed cardboard construction issue case with a simulated, grained, black leather covering. The top of the case has an impressed, gold outline of the medal to the center. The fold back top lid has a magnetic, staggered, internal bar hinge to the reverse and a magnetic, spring loaded, closure button to the obverse. Both the hinge and the closure button still function. The interior of the top lid of the case is lined in white satin with an underlying padding.
Officially designated, Bravery and Merit Decoration for the Eastern People, this series of awards was instituted on July 14TH 1942 to recognize the contribution of volunteers from the Eastern European countries to Germany’s war effort. The awards were introduced in two classes with five grades and were awarded with swords for bravery in combat, or without swords for outstanding service to the war effort. The awards were rendered in a first class in gold and silver and a second class in gold, silver and bronze and all could be issued with or without swords. The first class awards were the pin back type while the second class awards were suspended from a ribbon. In October of 1942 bestowal of the first or second class silver award was extended to German nationals serving with "Osttruppen", (Eastern Troops), providing they already held the Iron Cross first or second class. When bestowed the first class awards were generally issued in a case while the second class awards were issued in envelopes.
Price: $175.00 USD (Sale Pending)