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WWII Nazi German Luftwaffe Summer Type FK-34 Flight Helmet With Model 306 Goggles
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Luftwaffe FK-34 summer weight flying helmet. The helmet is made of light brown flecked fabric lined with tan cotton sateen, and has a pair of chamois lined leather cross-over chin straps which buckle at each cheek. A metal hook beneath each earpiece and a wire loop on an adjustable cotton webbing strap mounted above the forehead enable the 3-strap Luftwaffe oxygen mask to be attached. There is no provision for communication equipment. On the rear of the helmet above the neck are a pair of leather press-stud loops, intended to retain the goggle strap. A white cotton label stitched inside the lining says Gr. 57 RBNr. 0/0380/024. The goggles have a standard teardrop, aviator style lenses with separate gray/green painted aluminum frames and rubber eye sockets. Rubber eye sockets are stitched to frames. Frames have five ventilation vents to both top and bottom edges and are joined together by an aluminum nose bridge with dual screw fit adjustment. Nose bridge has impressed manufacturers initials and date. Goggles have a ribbed gray elastic headband with sliding metal fit adjustment buckle. Goggles are attached to the frames by small metal clips which also act as locking clips to secure the lenses in the frames. Clear glass lenses intact. Shows the expected age and use.
The FK34 summer weight flying helmet, and its fleece lined leather winter equivalent, the K33, were introduced in 1936, and designed for aircrew positions which did not require radio communication. During the early years of the Second World War, this included many pilots of single engine fighters, as well as training crews and some combat positions on larger aircraft. Production continued until about 1943, although they had long been superseded in service in by the LKp 100 and 101 series helmets with built in headphones and microphone equipment.
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