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WWII Prinzen Size Bar To The Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939 With EKII Spange 1939 zum EKII Klasse 1914
Item #: JT280
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Two Placement medal bar with a nicely detailed, die struck alloy construction, second pattern, nickel/silver plated, award is in the form of a national eagle with outstretched wings, clutching an oak-leaf wreath which encompasses a canted swastika, positioned above a horizontal, trapezoidal, date bar with diagonally angled ends, and the embossed institution date, "1939". The award shows nice detailing including feathering to the eagles wings and a subtly textured background field to the swastika and the date bar. The eagle’s wingspan is roughly, 25mm from tip to tip, and the award is roughly, 25mm tall. The plain reverse of the award has both soldered attachment prongs intact. The award has no visible manufacturer’s markings. Nice untouched example with nearly 100% of the original frosted finish. The 1914 pattern, die struck, three piece, iron and alloy construction Patté style cross with a single piece iron core and two piece silver alloy frame. The obverse of the cross features an embossed, central, "W" cypher for King Wilhelm II, re-institution date, "1914", to the bottom arm and a King’s crown to the top arm. The reverse of the cross features an embossed, central, oak-leaf cluster, with the "FW" cypher for King Friedrich Wilhelm III, a King’s crown to the top arm and the original institution date, "1813", to the bottom arm. All the emblems are in nice high relief. The cross of honor is die struck, magnetic sheet metal award with a bronze wash. The award is in the form of a cross Patté with a central circular motif featuring an embossed laurel leaf wreath encompassing the embossed dates, "1914-1918", on a smooth background field. The cross has swords emanating upwards between its arms, indicating a combatant's award. The cross has a plain reverse with embossed manufacturer's code.
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