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WWII German Nazi Infantry Assault Badge in Bronze by JFS Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Bronze
Item #: VF2744
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Roughly 2 1/2", tall, 1 7/8", wide, vertically oval, die struck, solid backed, alloy construction badge features an embossed, vertically oval, oak-leaf wreath with a Wehrmacht, (Armed-Forces), style eagle with down-swept wings, clutching a canted, swastika in its talons, superimposed to the top center, encompassing a cut-out, bolt action rifle with a fixed bayonet and a sling. Typical JFS balled hinge and intricate catch. Badge is marked with the JFS box logo indicating manufacture by Josef Feix Söhne of Gablonz.
The Close Combat Clasp series of awards were introduced on November 25TH 1942 for award to personnel who fought in hand-to-hand combat situations unsupported by armor. The Clasp was issued in three grades, of Bronze, Silver and Gold with each successive grade signifying more days spent in hand-to-hand or close combat. Criteria for award of the clasps consisted of fifteen days of hand-to-hand combat for bestowal of the Bronze clasp, thirty days of hand-to-hand combat for bestowal of the Silver clasp and fifty days of hand-to-hand combat for bestowal of the Gold clasp. There was also a prescribed, combat to time served ratio, enabling long serving personnel to be eligible for award of a clasp.