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WWII Nazi Silver Infantry Assault Badge Hollow Backed By B.H. Mayer Infanterie Sturmabzeichen
Item #: VF2742
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This example, retains a majority of its original silver finish and is in near mint condition. The badge details are excellent with only minor visible wear to the front. The hollow reverse features a needle pin, which rotates on a crimped intricate hinge. The round wire catch is also crimped into a recess on the badge. This badge has no marker marks but is a known maker by B.H. Mayer. An above average example overall!
The Infantry Assault Badge in silver was introduced on December 20TH 1939 by Generaloberst Walther von Brauchitsch, for award to Officers, and EM/NCO's of non-motorized, Infantry and Mountain Infantry units. Criteria for the award varied, with the main qualification being participation in three separate Infantry assaults. Of Note: On June 1ST 1940 a bronze version of the Infantry Assault Badge was introduced for award to Officer's, and EM/NCO's of Motorized Infantry units.
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