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WWII Nazi Silver Infantry Assault Badge Solid Version By Walter & Henlein Infanterie Sturmabzeichen
Item #: VF2389
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This example, produced in zinc, retains a majority of its original silver finish. The badge details are excellent with only minor visible wear to the front. The solid reverse features a needle pin, which rotates on a crimped intricate hinge. The round wire catch is also crimped into a recess on the badge. This badge is marker marked W.H. for Walter & Henlein. An above average example overall!
The Infantry Assault Badge in silver was introduced on December 20TH 1939 by Generaloberst Walther von Brauchitsch, for award to Officers, and EM/NCO's of non-motorized, Infantry and Mountain Infantry units. Criteria for the award varied, with the main qualification being participation in three separate Infantry assaults. Of Note: On June 1ST 1940 a bronze version of the Infantry Assault Badge was introduced for award to Officer's, and EM/NCO's of Motorized Infantry units.