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Luftwaffe -
WWII Nazi German Luftwaffe Horizont Turning Horizon Guage - Fl. 22426 - Me110, Ju88. He111
Item #: VF2353
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Beautiful example of a 100% original Pneumatic Horizont (Turning Horizon), FL. 22426. This type of horizon was virtually used in multiple aircraft both fighter's as well as bombers.

This instrument measured the turn angle of the aircraft.  It was connected to the air pressure system  and works on a vacume system and was located on the main instrument panel. Made of aluminum, this horizon dates around 1943 and would have been used throughout the war.  98% of the original finish remains, and there are no dents or damage!  It is still factory sealed, and the data label is 100% intact.  The dial still glows when UV light is applied.  Pictures speak for themselves, a near mint example 






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