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WWII Signed Photo Postcard Of Knights Cross Winner Brandenburgers Member Wilhelm Walther
Item #: VF1900
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Original signed photo postcard is of a Knights Cross winner by the name of Wilhelm Walther who was a member of the famed unit the Brandenburgers. Photo is absolutely period to WWII and was sent to Mr. Walther in 1979 to his home and he signed the card twice to the front and the reverse. Wilhelm Walther (27 January 1910 ľ 25 November 2010) was a highly decorated Oberstleutnant in the Wehrmacht during World War II. He was also a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross was awarded to recognize extreme battlefield bravery or successful military leadership.

The Brandenburgers were members of the Brandenburg German Special Forces unit during World War II.

Units of Brandenburgers operated in almost all fronts - the invasion of Poland, Denmark and Norway, in the Battle of France, in Operation Barbarossa, in Finland, Greece and the invasion of Crete, Romania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia. Some units were sent to infiltrate India, Afghanistan, Middle East countries and South Africa. They also trained for Operation Felix (the planned seizure of Gibraltar), and Operation Sea Lion (the planned invasion of Great Britain). The unit had stunning successes early in the war acting as advance units that captured strategic bridges, tunnels and rail yards in Poland and the Netherlands.

The unit was the brainchild of Hauptmann (Captain) Theodor von Hippel who, after having his idea rejected by the traditionalist Reichswehr, approached Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, commander of the German Intelligence Service, the Abwehr.

Regiment Brandenburg evolved out of the Abwehr's 2nd Department, and was used as a commando unit during the first years of the war. Initially the unit consisted mainly of former German expatriates fluent in other languages. Until 1944 it was an OKH unit rather than a unit of the regular army (Heer). The unit steadily expanded until it was reallocated to the Gro▀deutschland Panzer Korps to be used as a frontline combat unit.

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