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Army Air Corps -
WWII US Army Air Corps 429th Bombardment Squadron 12th Air Force
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Attractive WWII US Army Air Corps patch is for the 429th Bombardment Squadron. Direct embroidered on felt with a white cheesecloth backing.
After the Pearl Harbor Attack, initially assigned to antisubmarine duty over the Atlantic Coast; deploying in early 1943 to Twelfth Air Force in North Africa. Engaged in long-range strategic bombing missions in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations (MTO) 1943-1945. Missions flown included bombing such targets as marshalling yards, airdromes, troop concentrations, bridges, docks, and shipping. Participated in the defeat of Axis forces in Tunisia, April-May 1943; the reduction of Pantelleria and the preparations for the invasion of Sicily, May-July 1943; and the invasion of Italy, September 1943.

Moved to Italy in December 1943 and continued operations as part of Fifteenth Air Force. Operated primarily from Amendola Air Base in Foggia. Engaged primarily in long-range bombardment of strategic targets in Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Rumania, and Greece. Participated in the drive toward Rome, January-June 1944; the invasion of Southern France, August 1944, and the campaigns against German forces in northern Italy, June 1944-May 1945. Inactivated in Italy in early 1946.

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