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WWII US Army Air Corps 13th Ferrying Squadron of the Air Transport Command Squadron Patch
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Fantastic WWII Squadron patch is for the 13th Ferrying Squadron of the Air Transport Command. Patch measures 4 3/4 inches and is a direct embroidered on felt.
The 13th FS / ATS was assigned to the 29th Transport Group and flew the India out of India over the Hump. This unit was last active as the 13th Aeromedical Transport Squadron flying the C-131's & C-118's.
Designated as the 13th Ferrying Squadron and later the 13th Ferry Squardon, 13th Air Transport Squadron, and 13th Aeromedical Transport Squadron. The mission was to move supplies from the rear bases to the forward bases but these were not combat units. The combat airlift operations were flown by the troop carrier squadrons.


Although the designation number (13) is the same the 13th Air Transport Squadron, and though the 13th Troop Carrier Squadron did many of the same types of missions, they are not the same units. The lineage for the Ferry Sq. lineage traces back to WWII's Air Transport Command (A Non Combat - Logistics unit tasked to move supplies and equipment from the States to the forward areas) while the Troop Carrier Sq. delivered men and equipment at the front lines and were combat units. Post war, both existed in the same manner, with ATS's working for MATS and the TCS's working for TAC and the forward Commands. In 1966, both types of units were renamed as Airlift Squadrons the ATS's becoming "Military Airlift Squadrons" and the TCS's becoming "Tactical Airlift Squadrons" with a theater role. In 1991, they were both renamed as "Airlift Squadrons" causing some units to be renumbered due to duplication.
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