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WWII German Nazi Luftwaffe Flight Personnel Wrist Compass (Armbandkompaß 39)
Item #: VF892
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Roughly, 2 3/8" diameter and 7/8" thick, molded, black and clear bakelite construction, clear, liquid filled, AK39 wrist compass with a blackened leather wrist strap and alloy fittings. The compass has a clear, bakelite, top panel and a black bakelite body. The top plate has repeating, vertical grooves to the outside top and side edges, a single, central, white stripe and a central red circle. The top plate rotates for aligning directional headings as required. The clear, liquid filled, interior of the compass has a floating, black, bakelite panel with a white, directional arrow and three hundred sixty degree, white, directional markings in increments of thirty with white numerals at, "3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30," and "33", with a red "N" at the 360 degree point indicating, "Nord", (North). The interior directional plate also has additional white lines at the four, major, cardinal directional points, North, South, East and West and the white, manufacturer’s name and location to the center, "Kadlec-Instrumentenfabrik-Prag". The interior directional plate floats freely in the liquid and the compass still functions accurately. The bottom of the compass is well marked with the impressed designation, "Armbandkompaß", (Wrist Compass), the type of construction/design, "Bauart: Kadlec.", the model, "Baumuster: AK39", The work/order number, "Werk Nr: 52 628", and the Luftwaffe Flying/Flight, contract/requisition number contract number, "Anfordez: Fl 23235". The lower body of the compass has small, extended panels to each side with a central drilled slot and an inserted, small, opened rectangular, alloy bar to secure the two piece, wrist strap to the compass. The compass comes complete with the blackened leather wrist strap with a pronged, opened rectangular, natural, alloy length adjustment buckle to one end and eight corresponding buckling eyelets to the other. The straps each have a small, cut-out, eyelet with an inserted, brass alloy retaining stud for securing it to the compass. Theoretically the directional arrow, the directional numeral markings numerals and the four, major, cardinal directional points, should be luminous but if they were they have now lost all their luminescence. The compass is in overall near mint condition
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