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WWII US Navy Officer's Submarine Badge By H&H In Sterling
Item #: VF4901

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Beautiful deep wave WWII US Navy Officer's Submarine badge by H&H are clearly marked to the reverse in STERLING. Badge measures 2 3/4 inches and have never been cleaned and has a beautiful patina to the gold.
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Spanish American War New York Volunteers Medal Serial Numbered 1 Named on Rim
Item #: VF4900

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This medal was  awarded to volunteers from the state of New York who served in the Spanish American War and also part of the Philippine American War. Apparently, the medal was given to all volunteers, including army and naval militia. The obverse of the medal shows the army volunteer, in full gear, advancing on the foe. The reverse reads "Awarded by the State of New York To One Who Served the Nation With Honor 1898-1899-1900." This particular medal was awarded to Major H. D. Hamilton of the 201st Volunteer Infantry and is engraved on the rim and serial numbered 1 on the reverse.
Unit History:
The 201st New York Volunteer Infantry, formed under the President McKinley's second call for volunteer ion May 25, 1898, was mustered into the Federal service between July 16 and 26, 1898 at New York City. At the time of muster in, the unit consisted of forty-two officers and 1,235 enlisted men. The unit actually formed quite late in the conflict, and by the time it was formed, most of the war's major battles were already concluded. On August 12, Spain and the United States agreed to an armistice ending the fighting phase of the war. The regiment was assigned to the Department of the East, and was stationed at Camp Black on Long Island. By October, the regiment had been shifted to Camp Meade, located at Middletown, Pennsylvania. The war ended on December 10, 1898 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris between Spain and the U.S.. The 201st New York was discharged on April 3, 1899 at Greenville, South Carolina. At the time of muster out, the regiment had eighty-two officers, an unusually high number, and 1,287 enlisted men. During its term of service, the regiment had twenty-three enlsited men die from disease, and one additional enlisted man die as the result of an acident. Thirty-two enlited men were discharged on disability, nine were court-martialed and one hundred nineteen men deserted. Again, this was an unusually high number of desertions.
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WWII Newsmap Nazi German Luftwaffe Uniforms US MilitaryPoster Map 1944
Item #: VF4905

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Very Good condition, almost no edge wear. Lightly folded. Size 35 by 47". Double sided. Printed by US War Department Newsmap, Monday March 6, 1944. Vol II No 46. For the Armed Forces. 234th week of the war, 116th week of U.S. participation. This full sheet poster depicts the uniforms and gear of the dreaded Luftwaffe.
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