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WWII Nazi German NSKK Brownshirt To 7th Sturm of Motorgruppe 28 With Overseas Cap
Item #: VF4873

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NSKK brown shirt for Sturmmnann of 7th Sturm/Motorgruppe 28 very good, near mint condition tunic, the shoulder strap is present with alternating silver/aluminum and black cord forming a checkerboard pattern with golden yellow rayon piping and a black wool bottoms. Completed with collar tabs and a black piped collar. The overseas cap is a black wool cap, introduced in August of 1935, with an expansion fold along its crown and whose fold-down side panels slope towards the front where they are pinned by hooks. Sewn to the front of the cap, above two silvered NSKK buttons, is a machine woven, first pattern (1935-39) NSKK eagle and swastika, with a banner arching above upon which is "N.S.K.K.," all in the early silver-aluminum thread with black accents, on a black inverted triangle, signified wear by Motor-Brigade Westfalen or Motor-Gruppe Neiderrhein. The interior of the cap is fully lined in a black cotton-rayon blend. Original oilcloth (faded) RZM tag is present. Original NSKK buttons and stitching. Nice cap.
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs
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WWII German Luftwaffe Ground Forces Tan and Water Smock
Item #: VF4872

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 WWII German Luftwaffe Ground Forces Tan and Water Smock-This is a very scarcely encountered example, much scarcer than the green splinter pattern. It consists of a mixture of greens and browns over a tan background with green stripes that look like rain falling. There is minor discoloration/staining present. These types of smocks were largely worn by Luftwaffe Ground Division Units, with a large fall down collar with two hidden hip pockets with straight flaps. The lower sleeves have buttoned (snaps in this case) cuffs and the front closure has five buttons (the top button was generally worn open). All of the buttons are present, with the five large closure ones being produced in blue/grey bakelite. There is a slit at the rear of each armpit for air circulation. There are straps and buttons for slip on shoulder straps but none are included. The Luftwaffe breast eagle is machine embroidered in matte grey green cloth thread over a darker grey wool background. The eagle is hand applied. On each side, at waist level, there is a set of five vertical holes for the belt loops. The interior (which is unlined) has a single pocket on the wearer’s left side. The pocket is well marked with an RBNr. and the sizes. The pocket bags are produced in tan cloth. It is fairly large as, of course, it was meant to be worn over the soldier’s tunic. A super desirable example in excellent condition overall!
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
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