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Luftwaffe -
WWII Nazi German Herman Goring Division Panzer Collar Tab
Item #: VF4950
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Tab is constructed of black wool, edged with off-white rayon fabric sewn underneath to standard buckram base; on top are superimposed panzer skull, in zinc; in very fine condition and very scarce.
The Reichsluftwaffe was officially established on February 26TH 1935 as the third branch of service of the German Armed Forces. On March 9TH 1935 the formation of the new Reichsluftwaffe was announced to the foreign press and on March 16TH conscription was reintroduced for all three branches of service. On May 21ST 1935 the Reichsluftwaffe designation was altered to Luftwaffe. Collar tabs were adopted by the newly formed Luftwaffe on April 14TH 1935 and followed the basic pattern of the collar tabs that had been utilized by its earlier civilian forerunner the, DLV, Deutscher Luftsport Verband, (German Air Sports League). The collar tabs were worn in matching pairs and indicated the branch of service and rank of the wearer. The Regiment General Göring was formed in September 1935 from the previous Landes Polizei Gruppe General Göring, and became the premier unit of the fledgling Luftwaffe. On March 12TH 1936 the unit exchange their Police uniforms for Luftwaffe uniforms, and it was at this time that personnel were issued the distinctive white piped collar tabs. Regulations of April 3RD 1936 introduced collar tab trim with bright silver/aluminum piping for officer’s ranks, red piping for EM/NCO’s serving with Flugzeugabwehrartillerie, (Anti-Aircraft Artillery), and Jäger-Grün, (Rifle-Green), for all other EM/NCO’s. As a ground unit new branches of service were introduced which hadn’t existed within the Luftwaffe before which resulted in them adopting the army’s waffenfarbe, (Branch of Service Colors), on January 4TH 1943 which was generally displayed as piping on the collar tabs. Further regulations of January 4TH 1943 introduced additional branch of service colors for personnel of the Hermann Göring units and further regulations of April 2ND 1943 abolished the collar tab piping for EM/NCO’s ranks. Of Note: The Regiment General Göring unit went through assorted upgrades and enlargements until October 1942 when it was designated Division Hermann Göring and its personnel retained the right to wear the white collar tabs.
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