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Meritorious Order of the German Eagle 1st Class. Hitler realized the importance of establishing awards for foreign dignitaries statesmen etc. and established the Meritorious Order of the German Eagle award line for just this purpose. A few German nationals were awarded these but for the most part they were awarded to foreigners. The list of award recipients include Henry Ford, Charles Lindberg and Benito Mussolini among others. This is an example of a 1939 vintage (the initial awards came out in 1937, with minor revisions in 1939 and lastly in 1943) 1st class award without swords. It is a beautiful award produced in silver with a rich, gold finish that remains fully intact throughout. It is in the form of a white enamel Maltese cross with fanned tips with a German national eagle in between each arm of the cross. Each eagle is clutching a wreath with a swastika over white enamel. There is a chip in the reverse of the white enamel as seen in the photos. There is a gold suspension ring which has a correct loop. The suspension ring is stamped "900” for the silver content and "21” for the maker, Gebruder Godet of Berlin. There is a full length neck ribbon which is correct for this 1st class award. A great example of this scarce award.
The Order of the German Eagle was a diplomatic and honorary award given to prominent foreigners, particularly diplomats, who were considered sympathetic to Nazism. In addition to awards to non-Germans, the Reich Foreign Minister and the Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia received a 'Special Degree' (Sonderstufe), with identical insignia to the Grand Cross of the Order. Accordingly, Foreign Minister Constantin von Neurath, received the Special Degree of the Order, with a further award to Joachim von Ribbentrop on his appointment as Foreign Minister in 1938. In 1943 Dr. Wilhelm Frick received the Special Degree after becoming Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia. Excellent.
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