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WWII Nazi German Luftwaffe Geschwader General Wever Cufftitle
Item #: VF4943
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Roughly 36mm tall, 51cm long, EM/NCO's pattern, deep navy blue, woven wool construction cufftitle with machine embroidered, Gothic styled script, "Geschwader General Wever", in silvery/gray cotton threads. The cufftitle has the typical opened back construction with the top and bottom edges folded over and machine stitched to the reverse.
The Geschwader General Wever, (General Wever Squadron), Commemorative Honor cufftitle was one of a series of commemorative honor cufftitles introduced by the Luftwaffe to honor fallen comrades and heroic pilots of WWI. The Geschwader General Wever cufftitle was introduced on June 4TH 1936 for wear by all personnel serving with Kampfgeschwader Gotha, (Bomber Wing Gotha). The cufftitle was to be worn by all ranks on the lower right sleeve of the service tunic and officers were also authorized wear of the cufftitle on the lower right sleeve of the flight blouse and the optional white summer tunic. Officer’s cufftitle were produced in hand embroidered silver/aluminum wire threads while EM/NCO’s were produced in machine embroidered silver/gray threads. During the war Kampfgeschwader Gotha was re-designated Kampfgeschwader 253, then Jagdgeschwader 131 and finally Kampfgeschwader 4, but personnel retained the right to wear the cufftitle. Of Note: Born in Meinerzhagen on November 11TH 1887 Walther Wever had served in the German Infantry during WWI and transferred to the newly forming Luftwaffe and achieving his pilot’s licence at the age of forty-six in early 1933. On September 1ST 1933 Wever was appointed as commander of the Reichsluftfahrtministerium, (National Air Ministry), before being assigned as the first Chef der Generalstabs der Luftwaffe, (Chief of the General Staff of the Air-Force), on March 1ST 1935 and by early 1936 Wever had been promoted to the rank of Generalleutnant. An talented and enthusiastic staff officer Wever died in an airplane crash on June 3RD 1936. Wever, an ardent National Socialist, was very influential in forming the fledgling Luftwaffe and was greatly missed by Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring after his death.
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