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WWII Nazi German Type 1 Blood Order #170 Regiment Muenchen Reiterkorps
Item #: MK1
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The first pattern Blood Order with the impressed recipient’s number ‘170,’ the ‘990’ silver content number and maker name Feuss, München, in relief. The Blood Order complete with its silk ribbon in black, white & red. Along with this outstanding medal is a letter dated 1968 from the caretaker of Willy Bergfeld SA Regiment Muenchen Reiterkorps. The correspondence details of how she was given the medal in 1947 in lieu of partial payment after his death. She goes on to explain that Willy passed in agonizing pain and was indigent and the medal being made of silver was worth something and his family gave it to her. She kept the medal until 1968, selling it to a military  dealer for the princely sum of 150DM. The Blood Order (German: Blutorden), officially known as the Decoration in Memory (of the Munich putsch) of 9 November 1923 (German: Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 9. November 1923), was one of the most prestigious decorations in the Nazi Party. During March 1934, Hitler authorized the Blood Order to commemorate the 9 November 1923 coup attempt of the NSDAP. The medal is silver, with the obverse bearing a depiction of an eagle grasping an oakleaf wreath. Inside the wreath is the date 9. Nov. and to the right is the inscription München 1923–1933. The reverse shows the entrance of the Feldherrnhalle in relief (where the coup ended in defeat), and directly above is the angled swastika with sun rays in the background. Along the top edge is the inscription: UND IHR HABT DOCH GESIEGT (and you have won after all).