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WWII German Nazi HJ "POTSDAM" Youth Day Badge Potsdam-Abzeichen
Item #: VF4914
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Officially recognized, die struck alloy badge. Badge is in the form of a vertical rectangle with embossed outer border and an embossed, downward pointing broad sword with an oak-leaf wreath encompassing a static swastika superimposed on the hilt of the sword, all on a slightly pebbled background field. Background field has embossed script, "NS I. Reichs Jugendtag", (National Socialist 1ST National Youth Day), with a smooth field banner to bottom with impressed date, "1932". Plain solid reverse has embossed manufacturers logo HA for Hermann Aurich. Vertical pin back device is intact to reverse.
On October 1ST & 2ND 1932, Reichsjugendführer Baldur von Schirach organized the first National Youth Day held in Potsdam. As with most rallies/events sponsored by the NSDAP a small commemorative "day" badge was produced for issue to the participants and sale to the spectators. Originally the badge was only issued in a bronze version for wear on the day of the event. The event was such a great success with roughly 85,000 male and 15,000 female participants, over five times the expected amount, that in November 1936 the badge gained official national status as a Commemorative Honor Badge, and was reproduced in a silver version. Of Note: After the official recognition of the badge the original bronze version was forbidden from further wear.
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